Oxford Diecast Bedford CF Ice Cream Van – KLF Ice Kream Van (2017) Custom Waterslide Decal A4 Sheet


KLF Ice Kream Van (2017) A4 Waterslide Decals. Hundreds of decals, designed and positioned to apply to Oxford Diecast CF Ice Cream Van. Preparation of your model is required prior to applying the decals and will require the removal of existing decals which requires great care.

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All of the Waterslide Decals you will need to create your own KLF Ice Kream Van (2017) 1:43.

A single sheet of A4 decals delivered in protective plastic.

Donor Model Required. Available here

This professionally printed sheet contains multiple copies of waterslide decals to enable you to customise your existing Oxford Diecast CF Ice Cream Van

Before you start, you will need to weather your 1:43 Oxford Diecast CF Ice Cream Van (Mr Whippy Model) and remove the existing decals that will be replaced. There are many ways of doing this, I used a q-tip and some nail varnish remover, you should apply it sparingly and very gently so as to not remove the paintwork below the existing decals. You can cut the decals from the sheet (use a craft knife and magnify glass as they are very small). The decals are arranged to illustrate their approximate position on the Ice Kream Van which has multiple duplicates. Decals should be immersed in water for a minute or so and they will separate from their backing. apply them with tweezers and then gently dab with a paper towel to remove excess water and allow to dry.

When you have finished applying the decals, you can then weather the vehicle to make it look more realistic, I did this before adding the decals and then weathering over the decals when they were dry. It’s up to you! I used weathering pencils, but you can also buy weathering powder online.

Diecast Model, Weathering Pencils NOT INCLUDED.

4 – 5 Days turnaround.



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