3D Printed Resin KLF Speaker Stack Miniature with Keyring and Link Chain, Unpainted – 23mm x 35mm x 12mm


Unleash your love for music with our intricately designed 3D Printed KLF Speaker Stack Miniature. Available in solid grey or white resin, this unpainted piece with a keyring and link chain lets you carry a tiny music marvel wherever you go.

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Discover the artistry in miniature with our 23mm x 35mm x 12mm 3D Printed KLF Speaker Stack! An impeccable design, intricately rendered in high-quality resin, perfect for the music lover or miniatures enthusiast in your life.

Each speaker stack is crafted using 3D printing technology, ensuring an exceptional level of detail and precision. The model comes in a choice of solid grey or white resin, both of which showcase the intricate details of the speaker stack beautifully.

The piece is unpainted, providing you with the freedom to customise it according to your preferences.

The KLF speaker stack comes complete with a 25mm keyring and link chain, allowing you to carry a piece of music history with you wherever you go. This miniature marvel makes a great conversation starter and a charming addition to any keychain, backpack, or display case.

Dimensions: 23mm x 35mm x 12mm

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White Resin, Grey Resin


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