Pyramid Blaster – 3D Printed to Order – Available in 4 Colours and 3 Sizes with Justified or виправданий slogan


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This is the custom-designed 3D Printed ‘To Order’ Pyramid Blaster, hand modelled in Blender, based on source photos from the JVC RC-M90JW Blaster with the handmade wrap-around block-effect pyramid, sliced and extruded and merged with the blaster to create a beautifully detailed pyramid-blaster.

Your pyramid-blaster is available in a choice of 3 colours of PLA filament*.

  • Marble – Beautiful marble-effect extrusion
  • Jet-Black – High-Quality Black PLA
  • Bronze – Tinmorry Silk Bronze give a striking finish
  • White – Plain White, simple and smart

Available in 2 sizes

  • Medium – 55mm x 55mm pyramid base with a height of 50mm (5-hour print-time)
  • Medium- Large – 85mm x 85mm pyramid base with a height of 77mm (12-hour print-time!)
  • Larger – 100mm x 100mm pyramid base with a height of 90mm (15-hour print-time!

Available in two variations of text on the blaster

  • Justified
  • виправданий (Vindicated) 

Each piece is individually numbered on the back of the blaster.

Note: Due to the manufacturing process, the item should not be placed near heat or moisture.

*PLA – Polylactic Acid
Polylactic acid (PLA) is a type of plastic that is used in building models and prototypes of solid objects and components. It is a thermoplastic polyester that serves as the raw material in 3-D printing or additive manufacturing processes and applications.

Polylactic acid is primarily created using renewable or green sources such as sugar cane, starch and corn. As a result, it can easily be recycled. It is used in most additive manufacturing processes that design 3-D models and prototypes through plastic-based materials. In fused deposition modelling (FDM) technology, the molten polymer filament, which is extruded from the controller nozzle, is polylactic acid.


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Marble PLA, Jet-Black PLA, Bronze Silk PLA, White PLA


Medium / 55mm x 55mm x 50mm, Medium-Large / 85mm x 85mm x 77mm, Larger 100mm x 100mm x 90mm


Justified, виправданий


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